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    Leading exporters for all types of ship’s machineries and spares
    form INDIA ALANG Since 1998

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    Gautam Enterprise

                    Stockyard of 30,000 sq. feet has almost all types of ship’s machineries and spares.
                    We Deal as per your requirment also.

Gautam Enterprise

We are one of the pioneers and leading exporters in India of 2nd hand Re-usable ship machineries and spares procured from world’s largest ship breaking yard at ALANG Since 1998 .Our 30,000 sq. feet. Stockyard has almost all types of ship’s machineries and spares. We also deal in Onshore and Offshore, oil and gas drilling items. We stock nuts & bolts to deck crane & main engines as this industry works on the hands of clock.

SHIP MANAGERS purchase spares and equipments in BULK for their particular vessel. This will surely make difference to the vessels operating under you. We give you parts and equipments on WEIGHT BASIS, which makes a very COST EFFECTIVE maintenance and a smart purchase indeed.

We deal in We retail in products like :

  • Main Engine
  • D. G. Sets
  • Oil Purifiers
  • Oily Water Separator
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Deck Air Compressors
  • Chilling Compressors
  • Hydraulic Equipments
  • Plet type heat exchanger
  • We supply other products as per requirments.
  • Offshore drilling items
  • Onshore drilling items
    • Drill pipes
    • M.D.TOTCO (Martine Decker Totco
    • Jack up
    • BOP (Blowout Preventer)
    • TDS (Top Drive System)
    • Mud Pump
    • Chock menifold
    • Agitetor
    • Valve/ Gate Valve
      • Have Different types of standard company's valve like
        • Demco Camron
        • M.I.Sweco

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We can supply other produts as per your requirments.

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